The First *&!@$!ing Mile

No matter how many times I run, or if it’s a short or long run, or if I’m going slow, or fast, none of it matters.  That first frickin mile is torture.  I feel like I can’t breathe, my lungs burn and my joints ache, and it’s a struggle to keep even a slow pace.  Then, all of a sudden, it lifts and I feel better.  So for those of you new to running – try to push past that first mile!  I promise it does get better!


Running has been great this week.  I’ve gotten a couple of three milers in, which has been my goal.  Ideally I’ll do two to three a week.  This coming week will be tough due to my three nights on, but I’ll try my best.  First up is the reservoir in the morning.

This weekend was really great.  I had a great day of lessons on Saturday in some truly beautiful weather.  Today was even warmer and luckily we were able to enjoy it at a baseball game with some friends!  Harry had a blast and ran all over the stadium.  It was even a bit hot for the beginning of the game!


Is there any better seat than on Dad's shoulders?

Is there any better seat than on Dad’s shoulders?


I hope everyone has a nice week!  I just opened our tee shirt order again, and the site will take orders for one more week.  If you’re interested in getting a Harry’s Heroes shirt, now’s your chance!  Click here and a portion of your purchase goes towards our marathon team – we run for the MDA’s Team Momentum!  Join our army and be part of the progress!!

One thought on “The First *&!@$!ing Mile

  1. The first mile is always and will always be the hardest. You do actually go into an anaerobic phase in the first 5 or so minutes of your run so that is part of the reason why you feel so winded. But knowing that it is going to be that way is helpful because you know it will definitely get better. But I feel you on this one!

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