No Strollers Allowed!

Oh man there is so much going on!  Today I officially took my last nursing test, and next week I finish preceptorship.  On top of everything, we started redoing the kitchen with a friend’s help, so everything is a bit crazy.  Thankfully my Dad is over a lot to help and my Mom lives close and I can bring Harry over.  Next week will get a little interesting with trying to sleep during the day for the night shift, but I will survive!  Harry man is having a blast spending so much time with Mimi and Pop-pop and exploring new places.  It’s been so surreal to have Harry at my Mom’s house, which used to be my grandparents’ house.  I spent so much time there as a kid, everything seemed so familiar.  The backyard felt like nothing had changed.



Today I took Harry to the physiatrist (gait specialist), which was quite a trek but we love to go visit him.  He’s happy with Harry’s progress and his weight, which is so great to hear.  I also told him that we are starting the process of preschool, and I am concerned because it sounds like in my town Harry will be in a special ed class, not a regular class with an aide.  The doctor agreed with me that the best place for Harry would be in a class where he can be challenged.  All he needs is a mobility aide.  This sounds like it’s going to be a long, tough process.  Fingers crossed I don’t have to fight!

My last few doctor’s visits with Harry have gone so well, and each doctor has been pleased with his progress.  PT today was the same, our therapist said she was very happy with how hard the man has been trying.  All of us who spend daily time with Harry have been trying to challenge him, and it’s really working.  I told the doctor today that I don’t take his stroller out much any more, which forces him to walk more.  He was really pleased with that!  I love to have Harry walking around and not stuck in his stroller.  It just takes five times as long to get places!

Today I shook the lead out and did a fun little 3 mile run around my neighborhood.  I felt like I was going so fast, but I wasn’t and I need to work on that!  While I was running I thought of sharing with you all the things I’ve fallen in love with for running.  First are my running sunglasses.  I recently shattered my favorite pair that Kristen gave me, but I do love the new ones I got from Road Runner.  Plus they were only $25!  Next is my flip belt.  For runs where I don’t need much, this is a great place to put my phone or ipod.  It doesn’t move much and it nicely replaces that awful armband.  I hate armbands.  Next is my Pro Compression socks.  I. LOVE. These. Socks.  I have ten pairs and I just love love love them.  They’re a bitch to get on but it’s worth it.  Next are my capris – Nike Dri Fit.  They are the only ones I wear!  There’s a wide waist band and they stretch nicely.  I recently got my RoadID and added a cute little charm that says “For Harry”, which is nice to look at when I need a pick me up.  The bands are interchangeable and inexpensive, and I feel better having it on.  Here’s a picture of all of my favorite things!


Finally, my new GPS watch.  I bought myself the new Garmin vivoactive (who I’ve named Frank) and I’m obsessed with it.  I wear it all the time and track my steps for fun, look at my sleep, and just generally swoon.  Look how great it looks!


Happy Thursday, friends!

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