Why I Share (And Overshare)

My name is Gloria, and I am addicted to my phone.  I love to take pictures, I love to share them on social media, and I love to blog and tweet and instagram and all those annoying things.  And you know what?  I don’t care who doesn’t like it.  Social media is this wonderful thing […]

The Great Eval

My anxiety level has just peaked this evening due to our impending preschool evaluation tomorrow.  We have a meeting with our town’s special education program, and they plan to evaluate Harry for the upcoming school year.  Hold on, let me sip my wine and I’ll explain my two reasons for freaking out this evening, in […]

My Best 5 Miles, and Harry’s New Backyard

Saturday I ran the Spring Lake 5, which I have run every year for the past few.  It’s a tradition for me, and signifies the beginning of the summer.  It’s always on the Saturday before Memorial Day, and it’s the largest 5 mile race in the country.  This year the entries sold out in 9 […]

Love the Run

Hey, beginner runners!  I have some great news for you, a little secret I want to share.  Everyone hates their run at some point.  Sure, once in a blue moon we go out and the whole thing rocks.  There are probably also runners who love every second, and they can kiss my ass for all […]

I’ve Got the Feels!

Okay so I have a legitimate excuse for my week of silence.  This week my sister was in to visit, it was both my mom’s and my birthdays, and I finally graduated from nursing school! I feel overwhelmed with all of the emotion from the past few days.  It’s been quite the ride. When I […]

When you don’t know what to say

I recently read an article about a cancer survivor who designed cards she wished she had received. There were ones that read “One more chemo down!  Let’s celebrate with whatever doesn’t taste disgusting!” and “When life hands you lemons, I promise not to tell you a story about my cousin’s friend who died from lemons”. […]

Mom – Small Word, Big Meaning!

Happy Mother’s Day to a slew of amazing ladies out there.  I know so many who deserve much more than just a day and would never ask for anything!  There’s something about being a mom that instantly makes you put everything before yourself.  Before I was a mom, I was very self centered.  I felt […]

The First *&!@$!ing Mile

No matter how many times I run, or if it’s a short or long run, or if I’m going slow, or fast, none of it matters.  That first frickin mile is torture.  I feel like I can’t breathe, my lungs burn and my joints ache, and it’s a struggle to keep even a slow pace.  Then, […]

No Strollers Allowed!

Oh man there is so much going on!  Today I officially took my last nursing test, and next week I finish preceptorship.  On top of everything, we started redoing the kitchen with a friend’s help, so everything is a bit crazy.  Thankfully my Dad is over a lot to help and my Mom lives close […]