Getting our Stride Back

The month of April has been quite strange.  I transitioned from my last traditional nursing class to my final 4 week preceptorship, and I finally feel like a nurse.  I’ve started on night shifts and, two weeks in, still feel like a crazy person and sometimes I don’t know what is up and what is down.  I’m preparing to take my true last final on Thursday and I’m getting a bit anxious, but happy to prepare for the end.  My sister is coming in to visit for pinning and I just can’t wait for it all!

At the end of March I completed my first half marathon and felt really great about it, but decided to rest until April.  Well, April rolled around and I went crazy with school and life and all of a sudden, two weeks then three weeks pass and I’ve only logged 3 miles.  I have this great idea of running 10 miles with Kristen as she is going slow and tapering for her first marathon (which she murdered, as expected!).  The day before our run comes, and I start to panic.  I haven’t run enough!  I’m going to die!  I know this run is going to be awful, so I decide to take a tough gym class in the morning and guarantee it will suck, and boy, did it ever.  Ten miles never felt so long.  At four I had to walk a clip, then again at five, and six, repeat every mile until I crawl to the finish.  My last mile I ran at 11:30, and it felt like I was going backwards.  Kristen and I have a theory that every other run we do is awful, so I tell her that’s my gift to her – now she’s guaranteed a great marathon.

Look at this Hero Mama and her beautiful girls!!

Look at this Hero Mama and her beautiful girls!!

My point is, I still am proud of my accomplishments no matter how slow I go.  I’m still going!  I put that shit on facebook and celebrated my awful run.  The same thing goes for nursing school.  Before this I was an A student, and now I’m clawing my way to Bs.  My first nursing school test I scored a 70 – which nearly killed me, because it is not technically passing – and I also scored a 70 on this latest final.  I don’t care.  I am a smart girl and nursing school was tough as hell.  I will do well on this final coming up, and I will pass my boards on the first shot.  I will also be a great nurse and slowly build confidence with experience.  For now, both running and in school, I put one foot in front of the other and gain momentum.

Harry’s Heroes, my team I formed for the half marathon, has started a lot of people’s journey in running.  I hope they put one foot in front of the other and go as slow or as fast as they wish.  I’m trying to set up some shorter distance runs, like 5ks, to motivate some new runners to join us.  There’s no reason this group can’t also motivate and inspire people to run and get healthy, while spreading our message about muscle disease.

A little Harry update – he has recently gained the ability to place his own pacifier in his mouth and feed himself a little while in his car seat with a jacket or sweatshirt on.  I know that sounds easy, but for Harry up until this point it has been an impossible feat.  Any restriction on his arm, especially while reclined in his car seat, left him unable to reach his mouth.  For those of you with toddlers, imagine they lost the ability to feed themselves in the car.  This means that during every long trip you have to also plan time to stop and eat – it’s very time consuming!  So now we celebrate this awesome accomplishment!



4 thoughts on “Getting our Stride Back

  1. Sometimes life gets in the way of running, and that is okay. Unlike many other things, it will be there waiting for us when we are ready. And although you had a rough run, I guarantee you that it will come back faster than you imagined. Also, I realized shortly after the boat passed that your Harry’s Heroes are about the coolest shirts ever. Next time you do an order, I would LOVE to get in on one of those. I will rock that all over the country!

    • Sarah I may have an extra tech tank top in small that would be perfect for you, just let me hand them all out to make sure no one needs a different size. I am doing a cotton shirt run in the next day or so through the company Bonfire, and I’ll post that on FB. I would love for you to rock some gear! Speaking of, where are your cute preggo pics?

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