Night Shift Crazies

After three overnights in a row this week, I have a case of the night shift crazies!  I’m sure my body just needs to get used to it, but for now I’m just delirious!  I’ve started my preceptorship and am thoroughly enjoying it, but I do need to adjust.  It’s hard with Harry not to just come home and play with him for hours and hours.  It’s also hard to give up the gym for a couple of days in a row.  Thankfully, my amazing husband and parents are really helping me out.  I wouldn’t be able to do it without them!

On a super happy note, the weather has been amazing the past few days.  Today we might have hit 80, and I was able to be outside all day teaching lessons!  Harry is an outside guy, so when he got up from his nap we played outside until dinner.  He proves every day that he’s just like me!  Yesterday we hit the park on the way home from some errands.  Harry dug around with Dada and we worked a bit on the swing, which he did pretty well with (holding his head up).  It only fell a little when he got tired, and we were able to let it go and swing a bit on its own (for a second or two).



This week we also went to the new CHOP facility in Princeton to have Harry’s blood taken for more genetic testing.  There is one type of muscular dystrophy that our specialist wants to test for.  This test was supposed to be run in December but the ball kind of was dropped on that, so here we are running it now.  Another 4 months should go by before we have any answers.  On a positive note, the new CHOP facility is really nice and Harry had fun playing in the waiting room.  When they were drawing his blood, he was crying and obviously wanted it to be over, so he kept saying over and over through his tears “yaaaaaay” which in his language is equivalent to “I’m done”.  He says that when he’s peed on the potty.  So sad, but so cute!  He was more than happy to pose for a picture after the torture, though, and he even smiled.


So as I’m still delirious I’m off to bed.  My “day off” tomorrow has completely filled, so rest I must.  I have to admit that due to time, school, etc, I’ve barely run since the half, but Kristen and I are planning 10 tomorrow.  I will probably die and this will be my last post, so I love you all.  Thankfully I got my Road ID today, so at least they’ll know who to call!  Good night – enjoy this picture of Harry’s new favorite way of sitting in the car.


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