Bring on the Torture!


Today was a good day!  I fulfilled a “dream” that I’ve been plotting for a few months now: I took a class and ran home from the gym.  I’ve been thinking of running to and from the gym with a class in the middle, but couldn’t quite figure out the logistics as to how I would transport my gloves and stuff.  Husb and I took a class and I found myself thinking that now was the time!  We usually take late night classes together, so running home in the dark wouldn’t work as the road I would have to take is a bit dangerous in the dark.  I spent the second half of class thinking about it, and when we were done I ran it by Josh then literally ran out the door!  I kept thinking that I have to start really pushing myself to get ready for this full marathon, and that an hour class just doesn’t cut it anymore.  I have to really pack on the miles.  It was only 1.75 miles, but it was a challenge after class.  I felt like I was running the fastest I’ve ever run, and although I was faster than normal my pace was only 9:30.  I thought about how crazy I am to want to do this marathon, and how long distance runners must be a bit crazy and some how enjoy the torture.  So I guess I’m now in marathon training, bring on the torture!  Either way, it was fun and I like the challenge.  I hope to do it again, and figure out how to do both ways.  Suggestions?

So as you can tell, Josh is home from his business trip and Harry and I are happy to have him back.  He didn’t have to work today, so we enjoyed a nice lunch out.  I wanted to hang with my boys but also celebrate a little bit.  I’m nearly done with my semester and the hard part is over!  So we went out to one of my favorites – Toast in Asbury Park.  It’s down by my favorite shore town so I took the opportunity to get my beach passes and visit the beach.  Harry was all too happy to oblige.  He loves the beach!  We went for a walk on the boards, down the pier, and then finished up by heading by the water to collect some shells.  Little man sobbed hysterically when we had to leave.  He must get that love from his mama!  I can’t wait for warm weather!!


One thought on “Bring on the Torture!

  1. Oh now you know you are a runner. That is something any crazy runner would try to figure out and I love it! Once the weather is warmer you can definitely do the to and from the gym. Or perhaps you could plan ahead with your husband and have him bring a bag for you when he meets you there? Things like this make running much more fun and manageable. When you start to realize you can run anywhere it makes those long Saturday runs much more exciting.

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