A Little Celebration

Today I was afforded the chance to take a step back, something I haven’t been able to do in a very long time.  Yesterday was my nursing final, and I was really worried about it.  It was challenging and I didn’t do particularly great on it, but overall I will end up with a B.  This morning I woke up with nothing particular to do – no studying, and that was a breath of fresh air.  Harry and I did have to go register for my bachelor’s degree classes, so we did that early.  Harry enjoyed watching Toy Story for the 5,000th time with his awesome toddler headphones.  It makes it so much more pleasant to not have to listen to his movies all the time!  He of course was a hit at school, so we had to stop the movie and say HI HI HI to everyone.

Movie time!

Movie time!

After we were done at school I took my little man out on a brunch date.  I love to go out to lunch with just him, and the hostess even sat us at a table for two, putting his high chair where a regular chair would go.  That was fun but challenging when I had to keep getting up at the end to feed him his last few bites!  We went to one of my favorite places, The Turning Point, and had a really great lunch.  I tried to get a picture of the two of us together, but it came out terrible so enjoy this wink!

20150408_112306Josh is away on business for a few days, so Harry and I have been enjoying some time alone.  I hate and love when he goes away on business.  Obviously I miss my husband dearly, and Harry misses Dada, but I do really enjoy the time alone I have in the house with the man.  It seems quieter, which is fun for a day or two.  We have a lot of quiet time together, and it’s been really great to take a beat and a breath from the busy few weeks I’ve had.  I really had time to think about my half marathon experience and how great it was.  I’m so proud of myself and everyone involved!  I wish I could go back in time and really celebrate every member who crossed that finish line, but so many finished before me!  Ha!  I had intentions to go back to the finish line after I finished, but in reality I had to sit down and recuperate immediately.  The end was so emotionally and physically draining.  I just got my finish line photo that I purchased, and I think you can see what I’m talking about.

I’m enjoying this moment to stop and smile, and celebrate a bit.  I’ve crossed one finish line, and there’s a couple more that I feel confident about crossing that are coming up.  Speaking of – I want to share with you all that I will be running an official event with Team Momentum…the Marine Corps Marathon!!!  A few friends are joining me, and we are all excited and proud and scared and many other things at once!  October is so far away but yet so close.  I’m going to have to really buckle down this summer and really train.  If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you, right?  This is a saying I hear all the time at my gym, and it’s so true.  Running has changed me, both mentally and physically.  I love that.  I live for it.  I hope to come out a better person on the other end of this.  Until then, I’m going to celebrate a little for my recent accomplishments, as well as enjoy some quiet lunches at my toddler table while watching Paw Patrol.


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