Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!  This is a low key holiday for us, but we still try to make the day special for the Harry man.  Last year I don’t think we dyed eggs or hid them, as it was a tough time for us in the midst of learning what was going on with Harry.  He was really struggling, so instead of watching him have problems finding eggs, we just got him a basket full of cars and let him have fun playing with those.  This year is all about getting him moving and enjoying that part of life.

Saturday evening I invited Mimi and Pop-Pop over for dinner and Easter egg dying.  Harry really enjoyed himself!  He liked the metal dipper for the eggs a lot, and liked putting the eggs into and taking them out of the cups.


Easter morning I hit the gym early and my darling husband hung out with Harry and waited until I got home.  My parents came over too and we had a really nice morning opening up his Easter basket, eating candy, and finding eggs.  Last year, instead of buying a basket, I got Harry a big bucket for all of his cars.  We still use it to wrangle all of those hot wheels and matchbox in the living room!  This year I got him a plastic wagon and since then he’s been dragging it around wherever he goes!  He really loved finding the Easter eggs, and did a really great job walking around the house and looking for them.  In one hand he carried the bucket, and in the other he grabbed the egg.  He even was able to drop the eggs into the basket!  It’s so amazing to see the progress!

Checking out his cool basket

Checking out his cool basket

Finding some eggs!

Finding some eggs!

We had a really nice Easter dinner at my Aunt and Uncle’s house, where we normally go for holidays.  It was a delicious dinner – ham, sweet potato, mushrooms, carrots, all my favorites!  Harry ate like a champ too.  My Uncle got Harry and linzer tart from a local bakery and it was amazingly delicious.  You can imagine it didn’t last very long.  After dinner we came back home, got into PJs, and lounged around.  These are my favorite times!  Happy Easter everyone!


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