Getting our Stride Back

The month of April has been quite strange.  I transitioned from my last traditional nursing class to my final 4 week preceptorship, and I finally feel like a nurse.  I’ve started on night shifts and, two weeks in, still feel like a crazy person and sometimes I don’t know what is up and what is […]

Night Shift Crazies

After three overnights in a row this week, I have a case of the night shift crazies!  I’m sure my body just needs to get used to it, but for now I’m just delirious!  I’ve started my preceptorship and am thoroughly enjoying it, but I do need to adjust.  It’s hard with Harry not to […]

Bring on the Torture!

Today was a good day!  I fulfilled a “dream” that I’ve been plotting for a few months now: I took a class and ran home from the gym.  I’ve been thinking of running to and from the gym with a class in the middle, but couldn’t quite figure out the logistics as to how I […]

A Little Celebration

Today I was afforded the chance to take a step back, something I haven’t been able to do in a very long time.  Yesterday was my nursing final, and I was really worried about it.  It was challenging and I didn’t do particularly great on it, but overall I will end up with a B. […]

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!  This is a low key holiday for us, but we still try to make the day special for the Harry man.  Last year I don’t think we dyed eggs or hid them, as it was a tough time for us in the midst of learning what was going […]

Running Favorites

So my buddy Sarah tagged me in her post about running favorites, and honestly I forgot about it for a while!  I don’t have many runner friends with blogs that I can tag, but maybe I’ll work on finding some more blogs that I love and possibly making some friends. Location:  Trail, Road, or Indoors? […]