Taking a Michi-gander

Our next adventure for spring break week was a trip to Michigan.  Josh is from there and moved to Jersey about eight years ago.  Between school and life and figuring everything out with Harry, we haven’t been out there much.  In fact, Harry had only met his Grandma Roni and Uncle Ben once when they came out to visit for his first Easter.  Although we only had five days between our Australian friends visiting and me working then going back to school, we decided to make it work instead of pushing the trip off again.  Better short than not at all, right?  So we packed up the car and drove 11 hours to Michigan!
The trip out was uneventful but long, and put us in after 10pm.  Harry was a bit cranky, but after a good night’s sleep we were all ready to visit the family.  Over two days we were able to spend time with Grandma Roni, Kurt, and all of Josh’s brothers and sister and most of their families.   Josh’s sister Suzi just had a baby,  Emma, who is just a month old and is the teeniest little cutie!  Both Josh and I ate up the baby time.  I hadn’t met some of his family, and the ones I’ve met I haven’t spent much time with.   Albeit short, it was a really great visit.   We are blessed to have such loving, supportive, and caring families on both of our sides.   I miss them already and hope we can go out and visit again soon – and maybe get some of them to come visit us!

Josh and his brother, Ben

Josh and his brother, Ben

Meeting his Great Grandma!

Meeting his Great Grandma!

Story time with Grandma!

Story time with Grandma!

All too soon it was time to go, so we said our goodbyes and headed south to spend one night at Josh’s friends’ house.  Jason and Kirsten and their three boys were absolutely amazing and we couldn’t have had a better time.   Harry loved her boys and they were wonderful playing with a toddler and making him so happy.   Later in the evening a ton of friends came over.   We hung out and ate, I watched them play Euchre (one day I’ll really learn), and the night went by too fast.  We will definitely be out again soon.

Things I learned in Michigan:
A “Party Store” sells everything needed for a party: food, booze, etc
People really do use their hand to try to show you directions (because Michigan is shaped like a mitten)
70 mph roads exist
Euchre is a confusing game
Faygo is a popular brand of soda – which they call pop
I can run over 5 miles by myself and not die of boredom!
I ran basically an “8 mile block” as my friend so aptly described when seeing my map on Facebook.  It was about as flat as you can get, which is a welcome change from the mountains Kristen makes me climb.  I ran the neighborhood around my mother in law’s, which is quite rural, so there was barely any traffic.   I got to see a few horses and cows, and lots of beautiful farmland.  I even felt like I could have continued running!  Success!  That was the last long run before the half next weekend.  Fingers crossed it’s just as awesome!!


The view – wide open spaces!


Road trip car naps are the best

Road trip car naps are the best

2 thoughts on “Taking a Michi-gander

  1. I meant to ask you where you went in MI. I am from there and Rock and I have a summer house up there. I am from the pinky 😉 Everything you said about MI is true. I find myself falling into calling it a Party Store when we go back and if I order a soda water and get a weird look Rock will quick say, “Pop.” BTW I love any Diet Faygo!

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