Cartwheels for a Cause

Being the center of attention is a weird thing if it’s not something you crave.   Through Harry’s Heroes I’m learning to be okay with it, but when it’s love being poured on you it’s not hard!  Thankfully the attention is really on my little man, and that’s a fun spotlight to share.

My long time EMT pal, Andrea, is part of one of the area’s cheerleading squads.  The group of girls in their organization vary in age from 4 on up to high school.  They’re a talented group of girls who have been down multiple times to Disney for national competitions!

Andrea and the women who run this group are doing something that I think is quite amazing.  They don’t just meet with these girls for cheer drills, but they take this opportunity to try to teach them greater life lessons.  They instill a sense of charity in these ladies, and in turn the girls learn so much more.  They allow these girls to open their eyes to the world and what’s around them.  They teach these girls they can make a difference.  In the past the girls have done things like cancer walks and collected food.  This time, Harry’s Heroes was the intended charity.

I knew she was going to do it, so I was semi prepared when Andrea put me on the spot to speak.  I spoke to the entire group but geared it towards the little ones.  A gaggle of athletic, active girls became still when I spoke.  I thanked them for raising money for “Cartwheels for a Cause”, where they asked for donations to try to see how many cartwheels or front rolls they could do in two minutes.  I told them I was proud of them, and I wanted them to know why they were doing it.   I introduced them to Harry and pointed out that he looked different and moved differently, but that’s why we were there.  I told them Harry has muscular dystrophy, which means that if he worked at something like these girls did, it would be hard for him to get stronger.  I also pointed out that if they had something wrong with them, they could go to the doctor and get medicine, but there isn’t any medicine for Harry, yet.  They were enraptured, and I started to get emotional.   I told them again that I was proud of them because the money that they are raising goes towards scientists trying to make that medicine.

The girls did cartwheels in groups and we had a really great time cheering them on.  Many of the girls were really in to Harry, which is how it usually goes with my little man.  It’s so cute to see little girls trying to “mother” babies!  They all wanted to walk him around, but I’m still too nervous to let anyone do it without my help.  I held one of his hands and the girls took turns holding the other.  We all had a really great time.   The event was held in my elementary school gym, and I even FINALLY climbed to the top of a ladder I could never climb as a child.  Success! We went home late, Harry was tired but it was worth it.  Waiting at home for us were our Australian friends who are here to visit! What a great night.

I just want to again say thank you from the bottom of my heart to Andrea and the whole group of people involved in this.  Spreading awareness is the key in this battle.  I’m so blessed to have such amazing people in Harry’s life.  Together we are going to change the world!


I did it!!

I did it!!


3 thoughts on “Cartwheels for a Cause

  1. Gloria! This was such a rewarding experience for all of us in Freehold Pop Warner! I am so glad everything worked out between the snow the week before making us move the date and you having clinics normally. Would love to do this again during our regular season so the girls can get their Harry fix and see his progress. Cannot wait to see you cross that finish line for your half marathon. And Amanda wants her own Harry time one night! Love you all. You and Harry are truly my inspiration. Xoxo Andrea

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