Finally, a Good Snow Day!

Finally! We had a snow day today that I didn’t miss anything for!!  Every other snow day this semester has screwed me out of a lecture at school.  Today, we missed clinical, but that’s not too terrible as we had it last night.  I did, however, miss out on the gym, but I used my day wisely spending time with Harry and Josh, cleaning the house, and studying for a big test on Tuesday.

We’re all hoping this is the end of the winter weather.  It’s March and we’re still getting blasted with snow!  I hate the cold weather and this winter has solidified that.  I have barely been able to run outside.  The bright side is this has forced me to learn to love the treadmill.  If I had higher ceilings in my basement I would put one down there, unfortunately barely anything fits.  We had one once that a friend so kindly gave to us, but when it broke we had to get rid of it.  Josh was too tall to run on it at all, and I didn’t have much room for bounce.

Harry doesn’t normally like the snow, but today he asked to go outside.  He said, “Mama!  Harry ‘boggin time!” quite emphatically and I couldn’t resist.  I pulled the toboggan down the driveway, through the street, and back again.  We had quite a good time!  Here are some snow pictures for your enjoyment.  Stay warm and dry!


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