So Over the ER!!

As if Josh’s trip to the hospital wasn’t fun enough for all of us, we got another experience last night with Harry’s first emergency room visit!  Josh was out running errands and I had just gotten Harry out of the bath.  He’s been doing really well at night walking around for a bit without his braces on, but last night he took a little misstep and fell.  It was actually a “good fall” because he was able to turn his head and get his arm out. I scooped him up and gave him a little Mama love, but that didn’t seem to be doing it.  He kept pointing to his foot and saying “Ouchie”.  When kisses didn’t fix it, I knew we had a problem!

I tried to put him down but he wouldn’t bear any weight on his left leg.  Just like a horse, any time it hurt he would lift his leg sky high! An hour later he was still acting the same way, so when Josh got home I told him we needed an ER visit for some Xrays.

Thankfully the ED wasn’t too busy and we weren’t there all night.  Harry was a trooper and everyone loved him.  The pediatrician was really amazing, and while he read the xrays as negative for a fracture,he recommended we follow up with an orthopedist today.  Look at my little man, so cute waiting for the doctor.


Today we met the orthopedist and he confirmed no fractures, injury to the growth plate, etc, thank goodness!  He still was hesitant to bear weight, but the doctor said to let Harry dictate the recovery for what is most likely a sprain. When he wants to walk, he’ll walk (which he did a little bit of tonight).  I’m glad to have met this doctor though.  He was wonderful, and we do need an ortho.  We ended up talking a lot about MD – he seemed very knowledgeable.  He agreed to be our regular ortho and I’ll see him again in about two months.

I spent a little time in the past 24 hours panicking about Harry being set back in his walking, but I tried to push those thoughts aside. No use thinking of the worst case scenario, right?  Plus, it was overall a good thing because it brought me to a new member of Harry’s team.  So here’s hoping that tomorrow he’s back to walking, I don’t know if I can watch much more Paw Patrol!


4 thoughts on “So Over the ER!!

  1. Oh my gosh, I know Harry is hurt and I am so sorry but how cute does he look? What a doll! I hope he is feeling better. And how nice that you found someone with some knowledge about MD. Fingers crossed it continues to lead to more help!

  2. As always, you are an amazing Mom….on the ball, positive, energetic, responsible. Give the little guy a snuggle from us please!

    Sydney broke her finger on Sunday…i was taking her to the potty in the mall while her mom and Rachel sat in the food court. In one split second, her little finger was in the hinge area of the big bathroom door. Yeaoooowwww!!! Blood, screams, tears etc. i am still shuddering. But kids are so amazingly positive,they teach us so much. Through her sobbing she said, “i guess i wont do that again”. Her nail will come off, the bone should heal and all will be well, except perhaps Mimi’s nerves. love ya and miss you all.hope Josh is doing so much better.

    Paw patrol…will have to check that out.

    Jean xxxxx

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