30 Miles and I’m Officially Crazy!

This past week I ran 30 miles.  30.   In one week.  What’s wrong with me?  This running bug is like nothing else I’ve ever experienced in my life.  My buddy Kristen told me she read a quote that said something like “I ran and ran and then found myself”.  I couldn’t agree more with that sentiment.  This week I ran on the treadmill mostly, sometimes alone and sometimes with my friend Amanda who is doing so well with her training!  Here’s us after a particularly sweaty one.


We’re up to 8 miles on the treadmill – which is no easy task!  Running more this week has helped me justify a couple of things.  First, I need more gear.  I need another pair of shoes and some more running clothes.  Any reason to go shopping is a good one!  Any clothing suggestions?  Also, I need to move some place warmer.  That would be really nice!

Something I’ve spoken about before is my horrible runner’s belly that I get after long runs.  I’ve been working hard to try to rectify that, and I’ve come up with some solutions.  Planning my runs have been key, because I can eat cleaner and simpler before them.  My best run was after a half of a hot pretzel!  Also, right after I’ve run, I take in some protein.  My favorite is the Shamrock Farms lactose free drink.  I usually can only stomach half of it, but strangely that has helped so much.

20150226_110949Thursday Kristen, Liz and I attempted a long outside run.  We went out thinking 10, but only made about 7.  It was a miiiiiserable run.  So cold, so icy, so snowy!  We tried to do Veteran’s Park, which has trails, but started on the outer road and froze.  The inner trails were much better, but it was still bitter cold.  This winter has been horrific.  Thankfully I have these pretty faces accompanying me in our misery!


A couple of big things happened this week, but I’ll save them for the next post.  Just you wait!

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