The Love Run – Philly Half Marathon

Today I woke up a different person.  I am now part of this elite club of runners that has pushed their body and done the seemingly impossible!  But this is only part of my journey.  I will continue after this, especially because I feel so empowered. This weekend went by in a blur.  Friday I […]

It’s Here

Well here we are – the day is almost finally here! Tomorrow morning is The Love Run, and we are in Philly.   I’ve been anxious and stressed all week.  Today was insane!  I worked and ran home, showered, finished packing, and headed to Philly.   We made a stop to finish securing our tent, […]

Trying to Hang on to that Wave

Some times things happen when you’re least expecting them.  I’ve been so distracted lately with visitors, traveling, and preparing for the end of my semester/getting ready for preceptorship, graduation, and moving on to my BSN.  Monday morning was catch up from traveling because I worked on Sunday, but Harry and I still had to go […]

Taking a Michi-gander

Our next adventure for spring break week was a trip to Michigan.  Josh is from there and moved to Jersey about eight years ago.  Between school and life and figuring everything out with Harry, we haven’t been out there much.  In fact, Harry had only met his Grandma Roni and Uncle Ben once when they […]

The Australians Come to Visit

Sorry for the delay in posting, but it’s been quite crazy around here!  We are on the road right now on the way back from Michigan, and before that we had our Australian friends visiting for a couple of days!  They have come out to visit us a couple of times now, and we are […]

Cartwheels for a Cause

Being the center of attention is a weird thing if it’s not something you crave.   Through Harry’s Heroes I’m learning to be okay with it, but when it’s love being poured on you it’s not hard!  Thankfully the attention is really on my little man, and that’s a fun spotlight to share. My long time […]

Making Shamrocks Lucky Again

In between Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s, Lowes does this amazing event with the MDA.  They have cutouts of shamrocks at checkout, and for just $1 you can buy one, write your name on it, and it will go on their wall.  The money goes to the MDA to fight against neuromuscular diseases. Last year […]

Finally, a Good Snow Day!

Finally! We had a snow day today that I didn’t miss anything for!!  Every other snow day this semester has screwed me out of a lecture at school.  Today, we missed clinical, but that’s not too terrible as we had it last night.  I did, however, miss out on the gym, but I used my […]

So Over the ER!!

As if Josh’s trip to the hospital wasn’t fun enough for all of us, we got another experience last night with Harry’s first emergency room visit!  Josh was out running errands and I had just gotten Harry out of the bath.  He’s been doing really well at night walking around for a bit without his […]

30 Miles and I’m Officially Crazy!

This past week I ran 30 miles.  30.   In one week.  What’s wrong with me?  This running bug is like nothing else I’ve ever experienced in my life.  My buddy Kristen told me she read a quote that said something like “I ran and ran and then found myself”.  I couldn’t agree more with that […]