Fly Your Flag!

I’ve talked about this before, but everyone needs some purpose in life, something that gets them motivated to do good in the word.  Quite obviously my purpose has been bringing light to muscular diseases.  It’s a crime that we have no treatments, no cures, and we haven’t made much progress in decades.  There are children fighting horrible forms of muscle disease that are stuck doing absolutely nothing about it.  Every day I find a way to be a force for my child and for others who are suffering.  Friends and I are running the Philly Half Marathon in about a month and I hope to be asked a lot of questions about our team and our cause.  Many, many friends and family have bought t shirts and sweat shirts with our Harry’s Heroes logo on it, and I hope they’re asked about it too.

In my mind, there’s something here beyond money.  Sure, money fuels research, but awareness is key.  In another life time, I trained exotic animals and marine mammals.  People are funny about zoos and animals in captivity, and some people are very, very against it.  I’m not going to get in to a debate here, but obviously you know where I stand if I worked in the field.  If people asked me my opinion about it, I always said one simple statement: “People will save what they love”.  If you bring your family to see a dolphin show, and in between the awe and amazement you feel witnessing these beautiful animals, you learn that their oceans are in danger and they’re in danger, your fire has been lit.  You’ll be more likely to join the front lines of keeping the oceans clean, saving animals in danger, and the list goes on.  You and I and everyone else know that there is a million forms of suffering around this planet of ours.  Most decent human beings want to help their fellow man and animals who are in need.  Let me and my army teach you about muscle diseases that most people don’t know of, and how children are often the ones that suffer.  Together, we are progress!

I’ve had a little more interest in Harry’s Heroes shirts, so I may re-open that fundraiser.  I’m trying to get an order out of tank tops that can be proudly worn at gyms and runs, even if they’re not official events we are attending.

To my army of Harry’s Heroes: you’ve been given a very important job.  By wearing our “uniform”, you’re defending the honor of so many people who need loud voices for their cause.  Use your power wisely.  Light fires for those who can’t light them themselves.  Run steps, feet, or miles for those who can’t.  March and cheer for those who wish they could.  Don’t ever fall silent, we need you!


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