Chugging Along

So we’re a couple of days in to hubby’s recovery, and so far so good.  He’s having a hard time slowing down and accepting help, but realizes how important it is.  Thankfully my parents live close and are basically saving us.  Thank goodness for grandparents!  Harry sure is enjoying the extra visitors!

As you know, my test was postponed and I was finally able to run out and take it today, and I got a B+!  Nursing school has been quite the reality check for me.  I’m normally and A student, and I’ve had to claw my way to Bs with the occasional low A.  Either way, I’m getting through piece by piece.  1 out of 3 tests for this semester is out of my way.  2 weeks until the next test, 1 week to midterms, 6 weeks to preceptorship.  I’m hoping to get placed in the ICU, but we shall see.  One step at a time!

There’s lots of fun stuff coming too.  In March we will have our Australian besties coming to visit for part of their honeymoon.  We unfortunately have never been able to afford to go out and visit them, hopefully one day we will be able to go (and maybe take Harry!).  After their visit, we are driving to Michigan for part of my spring break, and visiting with Josh’s friends and family.  Speaking of, his sister had her first baby this week!  Emma Grace!  I love the name.  Welcome, little girl!  I can’t wait to meet you soon!!

I’m crossing my fingers for a short run tomorrow and possibly a longer run Sunday.  If not Sunday, hopefully the weather will cooperate for a long run this week.  I’m actually dying to get out there.  The weather has been atrocious!  Although we don’t have the feet of snow some places are getting, we are experiencing the worst cold this area has seen in decades.  Last night coming out of clinical I was physically pained by the tornado of cold air and snow hitting me.  It’s just awful.  I would give a lot to live some where warm.  Maybe some day I’ll convince hubby!

Harry is doing really well.  Unfortunately, I miss every PT on Thursday nights due to school, but I get reports and he’s been improving each time.  Beyond that, he’s actually excited to go back with Miss Devon, our physical therapist, and he’s been really trying for her.  That’s really the key with a child this young.  For so long we’ve just been working on getting him to tolerate the movement, but what we really need to do is get him to try.  He has to push past the hard part, and that’s been quite challenging with a child of his age.  Around the house, he’s been walking by himself pretty much all the time. It’s so strange and so amazing to see him cruising around.  Today I think he threw something in the toilet, and I couldn’t care less because he got there and back by himself.  Simply amazing!  Auntie Sheesh (my sister) sent a big box of awesome throws from Mardi Gras, and Harry just loved it.  He loved the dubloons the most, which we currently can’t find and I think went in to the toilet.  Anyone who’s ever been to Mardi Gras knows that dubloons are the worst throw, so we’ll have to teach him for next year to aim a little higher (I’m hoping to go with him next year!).


Here’s a picture of the man enjoying some king cake from Sucre.  If you’ve never had anything from them, I pity you.  Treat yourself and order something delicious.  It will change your life.


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