The Yin and Yang of it All

Life is full of balance.  There are ups, there are downs, and there’s lots in between.  Yesterday I had some friends over in the morning.  We are all in our last semester of nursing school together, and because we are all so busy, we don’t get to see each other in person very much.  One has a daughter who is a year older than Harry – Ida (pronounced Ee-da) who Harry calls “Nina”.  Ida and Harry play very well together.  Ida loves to hug and kiss Harry.   Harry wants to be wherever she is and do everything she does, which can be hard for him.  When Harry is frustrated, tired, or hungry – or in this case, a combination of all things – he sort of shuts down.  He cries, he’s whiney,  I know typical toddler!   Ida was patient, sweet, and wonderful and Harry didn’t really know what to do.  I think I’m failing him as a parent sometimes with his interactions with other kids.   I want to protect him, but I don’t know where the over bearing line is. At some point the conversation moved to preschool.  As most of you know, this topic makes me sweaty and uncomfortable, because it makes me think of things like: “Will Harry need an aide?”  “Will he need a wheelchair?”  “Should I hold him back a year” Etc etc.  My friends (all of them) are so wonderfully supportive and tell me to knock it off and stop jumping the gun.  Wise!

Yesterday turned into an annoyingly pensive one because of all of that mumbo jumbo.  Today however was a weird polar opposite.  Today I cooked chili and baked, and normally Harry sits with me and plays chef at my feet. Today he insisted on walking, and throughout the hour of my cooking I had to chase him.  He walked all over our house – around the living room, in to the bathroom, in to his room, and even tried to go down the stairs!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put up and taken down the baby gate, because he really hasn’t been all that independent.  Well, after today, it’s going back up!  I actually had to intercept him trying to drop something in the toilet.  I have been anxiously waiting the day to chase my toddler around.  All of a sudden, he’s navigating on his own.  Over rugs then back on to hardwood floor, over the piece of tile that frames the door in to the bathroom, and around corners.  My big man is moving around on his own!  Today, we are extra thankful.


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