11 Miles!!!

I got past 10 miles!!  Wahoo!!!!

Let me just say that December and January were basically a wash for me.  Between the holidays and awful weather, I barely got outside to run.  Weather that I cannot run in is single digits or ice, and we had a lot of that.  At the end of January I got on the treadmill, but that was about it.  So on Thursday, Kristen and I teamed up for our usual run.  We got a sitter, we stretched and headed out, and it promptly began to snow, and the temperature dropped.  I froze to death and opted out at 4.5 miles because I was afraid of injury, my leg muscles were that cold.  I felt terrible (but that feeling was quickly replaced by joy when we ordered our post run pasta fagioli, warm chicken and roasted veggies wrap, and we had a couple of bites from our kids’ pizza, which is the perfect post run meal in my opinion).

Sunday we had an impromptu run – my GPS said 10.5 miles 1 hr 48 min, and on Kristen’s it said 11.1 miles.  Either way, anything longer than 10 miles is my longest run!  It was a great run, too, except for mile 8 where we encountered high winds and the temperature plummeted.  I was not dressed warm enough.  But it was great, all in all.  I’m still working on not feeling like I got hit by a truck after a long run, but at least this time I didn’t have a stomach ache.  In fact, I ate like it was my job after.  It was a good day.  Get out there and run, friends!


Look at this hills this bitch makes me run!!

Action shot

Action shot


Harry, my goddaughter Lily, and Wyatt the big dumb Great Dane!

Harry, my goddaughter Lily, and Wyatt the big dumb Great Dane!

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