I conquered the dreadmill!

Well, I certainly didn’t conquer it, but I did successfully use it to work out.  I’ve run on treadmills before but at around 30 minutes or so I can’t go on, no matter how slow I’ve been going.  My friends who do 8, 10, or more miles on the treadmill make me want to bow down to them.  I have no idea how they do it!  This may be because I don’t own a treadmill or belong to a gym that has one.  I guess if I practiced on one it might get a bit easier.  Maybe workouts are getting easier because I’m more in to it, or because I have a real goal that I’ve set, or because I know how to push my body more.  Either way, it’s invigorating to feel like I can push myself.

Instead of just running, I set out to do an actual workout that someone else had designed.  I’m always better at working out when someone is telling me what to do and when.  I looked on Pinterest for a treadmill workout and I saw my favorite word: intervals.  Intervals make me feel like I can do anything.  Here’s the workout I did, and I added in another 10 minute sprint at the end.  I ran about 5 miles in around an hour and I was pouring sweat.  My hamstrings are sore, my butt is sore, everything is sore and I feel like I got a killer workout.  Success!  Here it is:


Totally doable right?  The time actually flew by, even though I think that sounds crazy to say.  So if I can do it, you can do it.  Here’s a post workout treadmill selfie in my school gym.  So hot.


I also came home and did Insanity with the hubby today and it was surprisingly conquerable.  (I don’t dare say easy)  It’s shocking how much better I became at the moves this week after working hard at them all last week.

Now a little Harry update!  Harry is doing so well.  He’s moving around with more ease, and has become especially sure footed when barefoot.  This is an amazing accomplishment!  Up until now he’s had a really hard time without shoes and braces.  He’s improving his cruising too.  He’s walking next to the couch instead of leaning on it, and he’s moving freely between the couch and tables, etc, much more than normal.  I’ll try to get a video of it to share.  He also asked me to pull Rody out.  You guys know Rody right?  Rody is that inflatable horse that kids can sit on, and I bought it for him right when he was sitting up on his own and before everything changed.  Rody has lived in the corner of our living room between the dog’s crate and the wall, and Harry often sneaks back there and rests on him to poop.  Today he said to me, “Mama, move Rody out there” and pointed to the middle of the living room.  I complied and he sat there and stared at me.  I asked him what else he wanted, and if he needed help going over to Rody.  He sighed and sort of rolled his eyes at me, so together when went over to Rody and climbed on him.  For the first time, Harry sat on Rody and stabilized himself, almost easily, and even bounced a little bit!


On another note, look at how handsome this man is.


Anyway, I’m off to bed.  Tomorrow is a long day of trying to get to the gym early, playing with the man, and then hopefully getting a project done for clinical while he naps.  Then it’s clinical all night!  I’m tired just talking about it!

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