Fly Your Flag!

I’ve talked about this before, but everyone needs some purpose in life, something that gets them motivated to do good in the word.  Quite obviously my purpose has been bringing light to muscular diseases.  It’s a crime that we have no treatments, no cures, and we haven’t made much progress in decades.  There are children […]

Hope, Help, and Healing

Yesterday, Harry and I had our weekly visit with our amazing chiropractor, Dr. Tyler Richards.  We always have the nicest conversations, and I always feel physically and mentally better when I leave.  I would highly recommend him, especially for pediatric patients.  He’s got a great bedside manner.  We talked about a lot of things that […]

Chugging Along

So we’re a couple of days in to hubby’s recovery, and so far so good.  He’s having a hard time slowing down and accepting help, but realizes how important it is.  Thankfully my parents live close and are basically saving us.  Thank goodness for grandparents!  Harry sure is enjoying the extra visitors! As you know, […]

The Yin and Yang of it All

Life is full of balance.  There are ups, there are downs, and there’s lots in between.  Yesterday I had some friends over in the morning.  We are all in our last semester of nursing school together, and because we are all so busy, we don’t get to see each other in person very much.  One […]

11 Miles!!!

I got past 10 miles!!  Wahoo!!!! Let me just say that December and January were basically a wash for me.  Between the holidays and awful weather, I barely got outside to run.  Weather that I cannot run in is single digits or ice, and we had a lot of that.  At the end of January […]

Big Wheels Keep on Turnin’

Are you singing Proud Mary yet? Yes? Good. Sometimes life smacks you in a way that makes you take a huge step back and say Whoa.  Little trickles of things can suddenly start an avalanche so quickly. When I first started my journey in muscle disease (because let’s face it, Harry has his journey but I […]

I conquered the dreadmill!

Well, I certainly didn’t conquer it, but I did successfully use it to work out.  I’ve run on treadmills before but at around 30 minutes or so I can’t go on, no matter how slow I’ve been going.  My friends who do 8, 10, or more miles on the treadmill make me want to bow […]