Making Plans

So last night was my first real day of the semester.  Tuesday’s lecture was cancelled due to snow, so last night we started with clinical. This semester is going to be challenging, but it can be conquered – with a plan!

I operate best through lists, schedules, calendars, etc.  I like plans.  I use a calendar in my phone, a calendar on my fridge, and a pen and paper desk planner.  I write myself lists on paper and on the note pad in my phone.  I plan out my week in my head, and then I make appointments on my calendar.  Hey fellow Type A personalities – I bet you got excited about that organization too!  This semester speaks to me because it is fast and for the organized.

I am the same way with everything in my life.  Exercise has to be the same way.  My kickboxing gym (CKO Kickboxing Jackson – my other family, the place that saved me, I could go on and on…) has classes in the morning and at night.  I plan ahead when I’m going to go during the week and I try to stick to it.  School really messes up that plan too!  In addition to that, I schedule runs with one of my best friends, Kristen, although we’ve been screwed lately with the snow.  I started doing Insanity Max 30, and I printed out the calendar so I can check off every time I go.

The moral of my story is, you need a firm plan to do anything.  The more detailed the plan is, I think the more likely you are to succeed.  If you attack something methodically and systematically, it’s often easier than just winging it.  Sure, there are times you have to let go and relax a bit, and I am especially this way with Harry.  (Other than nap time.  That’s at 1!  Mama needs that time!)

So make a plan and kill whatever you’re trying to accomplish.  While you’re making that plan, enjoy a silly picture.  When I’m at school, Josh and Harry send me silly pictures of themselves so I don’t miss them too much.  They’re the best!


4 thoughts on “Making Plans

  1. I love your blog. You have great talent as a writer. You allow me to feel your pain, your joy and sense of accomplishment. I think you are doing a great job as wife, mother, athlete and student. Keep up the good work.

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