Snow Day

While I hate the winter, I love a good snow day.  I love having the family stuck inside together with nothing to go to.  Unfortunately, my husband doesn’t get the day off as he works from home, but it’s still nice!  We were supposed to get some insane amount of snow, something like 2 feet, but we ended up with about 7 inches here in central Jersey.  Last night at 11pm there was a travel ban, lifted this morning, so school was closed and just about everything else.  Unfortunately today is my lecture day and I’d rather miss a clinical (tomorrow and Thursday) than a lecture.  Clinical doesn’t have to be made up when it’s a weather cancellation, but the lecture test is still 3 weeks away.  I’m trying to learn the information on my own but that’s always harder for me.  My friend recorded the day lecture yesterday, and we are currently trying to get that to play) hence the blogging instead of studying!

Hubs is feeling a little under the weather this morning.  Harry’s sickness is finally making its way around the family.  I decided to shovel for him so he could stay inside.  Plus, I like the exercise!  I was drenched in sweat when I finished, but I decided to take Harry out to play in the snow for a bit before I came in for good.  He only lasted about ten minutes as it’s still quite windy and snowing, but he did enjoy!  He wore his new wet weather boots, which I can’t fit his braces in to.  He has been walking so remarkably well barefoot, and he did just as well in these boots even out on the slippery snowy ground!  Walking in the snow was another story, but hey that’s hard for even me!  We got to try out his toboggan from Christmas, and we had a really great time!


I hope this snow goes away FAST though so I can get outside and get running!  It’s going to be freeeeeezing cold here, but I’ll deal if I can get some distance in.  How are you cold weather folks getting a good run in outside?  Hot weather friends need not reply, I’d be too jealous!!

3 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Hey Gloria, so nice to read your blogs. I just love them. You’re such a good writer, and I live vicariously through all of your adventures. You really are amazing. So glad you and Harry got out in the snow today. It looks really pretty. You would laugh if you knew what my indoor running routine is, although it certainly pales in comparison to yours, I have two flights of stairs in my condo as you may remember. So I run up and down two flights of stairs run in and out of the bedrooms run around the basement and start all over again that’s as much as I can manage. I’m not as brave as you are going out into the cold weather. It’s been unbelievably cold here in Vermont all through January. Most of the time with the wind the temperature range is less than zero, usually somewhere in the morning around -10. Yuck. Anyway we miss you a lot . Lots and lots of love to you, josh, Harry. Xxxx

    Sorry if my typing or English are a little weird, I’m just getting to know Siri and I’m using her to dictate everything, it’s really fun but it’s also crazy!

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    • Aunt Jean – at least you’re doing something! I have barely gotten out in all of this ice and snow we’ve been getting. I have been keeping busy with kickboxing, spin, and at home workouts, but I need to get some distance in. Love you and miss you! Stay warm!

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