Family Fun in New Orleans

New Orleans is a city I love, and not just because my best friend (aka my sister) lives there.  I think you can go down there and visit at any age and have a really great time.  I have visited and raged on Bourbon Street until the sun rose, I brought an infant and did almost nothing, and this past week I went with a toddler and my mom and celebrated my sister’s 30th birthday.  I think we covered all of the bases this visit!

As with any time spent with my sister, there needed to be some serious pajama lounge time.  Luckily we were in a great hotel, as I mentioned in my last post, and we were able to comfortably hang in the room or their lobby.  She had a little time off from her amazing job – thankfully they were able to spare her for a while!  Here’s Harry lounging by the fire.


Anyone visiting NOLA has to know they’re in for an indulgent trip.  Simply put, the food is so amazing!  I think what the city does best is make fine dining accessible to everyone.  You can get an amazing, fresh dish prepared by a master chef, and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune or be served in a stuffy, uptight restaurant.  The whole city is family friendly, and I have rarely encountered any issue bringing Harry anywhere.  When he was an infant, and again on this trip, I’ve taken him to “fancy” restaurants.  Most places are loud, so he blends right in!  Here are some places I love and would recommend:

La Petite Grocery Simply the best. Don’t miss this place. Both meals I’ve had here were out of this world! Harry loves it too, here’s a cheeeese from him at LPG.


Slim Goodies The best breakfast! Often super busy, so go in and expect to wait.

Salú Tapas and small plates, and wine bar.  They were out of half their plates when we got there, and I still ate a bunch of plates that I love.

Capdeville Sort of hidden on a side street in the CBD (central business district), close to my hotel.  The bar plates were incredible, and they have a great draft beer selection.

Sucre OMG if you’ve never tried this, you’re missing out.  Order macaroons. Do it now.

Those are just some of my favorites.  We ate a lot of good food, and had some king cake too!  During carnival (Three Kings Day to Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras), you can find king cake.  It’s sort of like a cinnamon roll with icing and colored sugar on it, and it has a tiny plastic baby buried inside.  If you get the baby, you have to bring the cake to the next party.  There are all types – from the fancy at Sucre to simple ones you can find at Walgreens.  Some bakeries even run pop ups around town!

All of these places were welcoming to Harry, and he had a blast.  Beyond eating, we had planned to do some fun family stuff.  We never made it to the zoo or aquarium, but I’ve been to them before I had Harry and loved them.  We did get to Audubon Park, which Harry loved and I would have loved to go back to so I could run it.  Audubon Park has such beautiful trees!


We also visited City Park, which was gorgeous and had some great playgrounds.  There was even a toddler playground that was wheelchair accessible, which is something more places need!   Another place we went was Mardi Gras World.  That was so fun!  The floats are so beautiful, and if you’ve ever done Mardi Gras, you know they go by too quickly for you to appreciate them.  Harry thought they were pretty cool!


Happy travels!


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