Change is Good!

Many of you should know by now (mostly because I say it all the time) that I started this blog for therapy.  I don’t really mind if no one reads it; I enjoy posting on it!  Social media is a weird thing.  I used to think I could put everything on my mind on facebook, but you really can’t.  It’s really in your face.  I often wonder when people are going to get tired of all that I have to say, so writing on the blog sort of solves that issue.

As with anything I do in life, I want to hold it to a high standard.  With that being said, I’m experimenting with new layouts, designs, and even my own domain name!  I really like the way it looks right now, but it needs a few more tweaks.  What do you think?  By the way, Harry is feeling much better today and thanks for asking!

4 thoughts on “Change is Good!

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