Back to Reality

After a nice vacation, I was abruptly jolted back to reality by a sick toddler and the beginning of my semester.  Actually, Harry was sick the last 2 days that we were in NOLA, but it was only a simple cold until we got home.  Yesterday Harry so kindly converted that cold into his first ear infection – it’s a double! – and on my first day of school!  How inconsiderate!!

I know many parents have the unfortunate reality of kids who don’t sleep, but mine sleeps very well and I’m not used to being up all night.  Most evenings Harry goes down between 8 and 9 pm, and sleeps until about that time in the morning.  (Please don’t hit me!)  Last night the man coughed all night and we were all up all night.  Now I want to gouge my eyes out.

More importantly, the man is absolutely miserable.  He has a runny nose, a cough, some junk in his lungs, and is just generally blah.  I normally wouldn’t watch kid’s movies all day long, but I’m trying to help him rest.  If I have to watch Polar Express one more time….

Thankfully, Harry is not only a great sleeper but he rarely gets sick.  This means Mama is not so good at the tricks to help him feel better.  I’ve learned that Boogie Wipes are amazing, and that homeopathic cough syrup is basically over priced honey and doesn’t work.  I have blasted him with kid’s menthol rub and we’ve spent a lot of time in a steamy bathroom, neither of which have done much of anything.  Yesterday we got a prescription for an antibiotic, but that will take some time to work.  Today I called and begged for a cough syrup, even though the doctor originally told me there wasn’t really anything for a toddler with a cough.  Low and behold, there is a sudafed based medicine approved for toddlers, and it works!  Huzzah!

So here’s hoping tomorrow is better.  Until then we will drip snot on to our shirts and occasionally rub it on the couch or the dog, lounge and watch movies, and generally eat whatever we want.  I say we because it’s only fair that I get the perks of a sick day, right?  I’ll leave you with the laziest way to relax and watch TV without actually sitting down.


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