Running NOLA

So this was my first vacation feeling pretty in shape, and running regularly with a goal in mind.  The last time I came down to NOLA was almost 2 years ago, and I stayed with my sister and indulged.  I tried to offset with some running, but I might have gotten out twice and struggled to complete a mile each time.

This time was a little different.  We were in a hotel, so I had the luxury of a fitness room with weights, medicine balls, and treadmills. I am not normally a treadmill runner; I don’t have one in my house and I don’t have a traditional gym membership.  I can’t imagine doing the bulk of my miles on one, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought.  I got in a couple of miles most days because of the beautiful view, check it out!


Not such a bad view from the treadmill, right?  The hotel was really amazing overall, and I was particularly happy with this rooftop fitness room and pool.  If you’re going to New Orleans, I’d highly recommend the Hilton Garden Inn French Quarter/CBD. There are lots of great upgrades that have recently been made, the rooms were spacious and clean, and the staff was absolutely wonderful.   Harry really liked the new lobby, complete with a fireplace.


I did manage to get one really great run outside midway through our trip on a particularly warm and beautiful day.  My favorite place to run in NOLA is on the neutral ground.   For those of you who haven’t been there, this is the grass median where the streetcars travel.   I prefer St. Charles, and it was close to my hotel (a little less than a mile to the start of the neutral ground).  I managed 5 miles as any more would have required my hydration belt (forgotten at home).  If you get a chance to run there, run in the track of the street car to the left, and just move as you encounter them.   The ground is that nice mixture of hard and soft, and you don’t need music as you’ll most likely be running past some!  Watch out for turning cars, as lanes open up for left turns and U turns.   You can also run the 2 mile track at Audubon Park, which is beautiful.


Happy running!

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