The Holidays Stole Me!

I’m back! Whew – what a couple of weeks I’ve had.  Between finals, Christmas, family visiting, my head is spinning!  No complaining here though.  We had an amazing time with my sister visiting from NOLA, family in from Georgia, NYC, Cape Cod, Portugal, and Germany, it was amazing to see everyone.  Some family members haven’t seen Harry since last Christmas.  Boy, has he changed in a year!  My family knows about Harry’s muscle disease, but we weren’t aware last Christmas there was anything wrong, so it was the first time many were seeing him after his issues have developed.

My uncle Rob is a chiropractor in Portugal, and we got to talking about Harry’s therapies and progress.  At some point in the conversation I thought to myself, “Why didn’t I think of chiropractic to help before this conversation?”  One of the hardest parts about being a parent of a child with medical problems is being what I call “The Expert”.  You feel like you have to know everything about everything related to your child’s issue to make sure everything is going how it’s supposed to go.  Case in point, no one has been regularly measuring Harry’s joints, and we just found at a recent visit to CHOP that he has 10 degrees of change in his elbows, and small changes in his ankles and at his pectoral muscle attachment in his armpit.  These contractures have led my doctor to follow a specific diagnosis, more details on that as it develops, I digress.  My point is, I didn’t know that I should be on top of someone to continue to measure Harry’s joints and monitor this progress. Now I do.

Back to Christmas.  My uncle looks anxious to get his hands on Harry, but he has fallen asleep on Dada (Christmas excitement = missed nap).  Finally I tell Rob that Harry’s a pretty good sleeper and we could try to mess with him while he slept.  I started with Harry over my shoulder and Rob massaged his neck, shoulders, and back.  Harry slept like a rock.  Rob asked if I could move Harry across his lap, so we did and Harry stayed asleep!  Rob adjusted him across his lap and over his shoulder for over an hour.  I couldn’t believe it!  Here are pictures my sister took.  Don’t mind my bloated belly party, it was an indulgent Christmas!

IMG_3516 IMG_3514

After a nice long massage and adjustment, Harry pops up awake and raring to go, and wouldn’t you believe it, his lordosis (curve in his spine) looked incredibly improved!  Just from one “visit”, Harry showed incredible improvement.  He walked around for another hour or so (and the next day) much taller and straighter.  Rob is going to recommend someone in the area for us to visit, and I can’t wait.  It felt like a real Christmas miracle.  The whole night was magical.

Christmas overall was really great.  Santa brought Harry a train (exactly what he had asked for!) and that was all that he wanted to play with.  My family ended up opening all of his presents for him!  Every morning since Christmas he’s asked to open presents.  We still turn the tree on every morning, and it’s staying up for at least another week.  I love Christmas!  I hope you all had a very happy holiday.  Cheers!


Harry won’t smile for mom and Sheesh (Auntie Kristin) – the train is more important!

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