Winter Running Guide

Disclaimer: I am just a girl who likes to run, and who has been running short to a little-longer-than-short runs for a little over a year now.  I am still figuring this all out, but throw yourself in a couple of 8 to 10 mile runs and you find out real quick what works and what doesn’t!  So here’s a quick compilation of things that I like for colder weather running, from head to toe!

Head:  I’m not really a hat person when I’m sweaty.  It takes extreme cold for me to feel like I need a hat while I’m exercising.  What I much prefer is a fleecy headband, but again, only for extreme cold.  More often I’m wearing something to keep my hair from getting crazy, and I swear by Brady Bands.  The woman who owns this is so nice (she even fixed a band that I accidentally cut through while opening the package even though it says DO NOT CUT) and the products stay put.  I mean they really stay.  Nothing else stays on my head.  These stay throughout my CKO kickboxing workouts too!  Also on my head when I’m not running with my friends are my YurBuds.  They stay put too, and you don’t notice they are there!

Tops:  Until it gets really cold, I’m usually running in a tank top and arm sleeves.  I get hot when I run, and I hate to feel like I want to take layers off.  The tank top doesn’t matter as long as it’s NOT cotton!  (UGH rubs!!)  I have R-Gear Smart Sleeves from Road Runner and they do the trick – if I need I can roll them up, or take them off and tuck in to my belt.  I keep that combo until it’s well below 50 degrees, then I start to layer.  High 40s to low 50s I’m wearing a long sleeved tech shirt like this one.  For a long sleeved shirt by itself, I wear a looser fitting one.  As an under layer, I like tigher like this. (Note the low neck line.  I layer this under a crew neck shirt, like my Team Momentum shirt, to keep that part of me warm).  I did just get an Under Armor base layer that has a built in scarf and gloves, but I haven’t run in it yet.  You can see it here.  I also have a random pair of no name gloves, made out of a tech type material.  They go on in the low 40s, and you can always stash them in your shirt or belt.

Bottoms: My faaaavorite pants are the Nike Dri-Fit capris, specifically the Tight Fit kind.  I must have 5 pairs, and I could buy 5 more.  I love the wide waistband, the material, then length, everything!  I am searching for a nice pair in pants, or even ones with a bit of lining for the colder months.  I wear my capris to the high 40s, then I switch to lined pants.  Right now I wear these the most.

Footwear:  I used to run in the Brooks Ghost 7.  I liked them a lot, but they felt a bit heavy and broke down faster than I thought they should.  I am currently in the Mizuno Wave Creation 15.  I LOVE them!  People, you need to find out what shoe works for you, and what sock you like.  I mostly always run in Road Runner’s socks.  I like their light and medium thickness, but anything without seams makes my feet happy.  As far as shoes, go and get your feet evaluated.  Places like RR will evaluate your feet, and if you’re a VIP they’ll even let you return shoes up to 90 days after buying them.  Even if you run in them!  I had just bought an adorable pair of New Balance that crippled me for over a week after a run.  Kristen tried them and loved them, but if I needed to I could have returned them.  You can only guess so far when you’re in the store, knowing that I have that return option makes me happy.

Other accessories: I don’t wear my hydration belt in the winter unless we are running 10 miles or more, and I don’t have a jacket that I like running in so I need pockets.  I absolutely love my Flip Belt.  It fits tight, but it stays put.  Get this.  You’ll love it.  For energy, I eat a couple of the Jelly Belly Extreme Sport Beans during a run, usually around mile 7.  They don’t hurt my stomach and I feel like I’m getting a treat.  Pre run, I often eat the Honey Stinger waffles.  They’re yummy, quick digesting, and again, they don’t hurt my belly!

For warmer weather: Of special note, I have another pair of pants that I love but they certainly aren’t for cold weather.  Dona Jo is a company I found through instagram, and I love love love the pants.  They’re expensive, but she often has coupons.  They’re super light and have awesome colors, and that amazing wide waistband.  That’s a must for us moms!


That’s all I can think of now!  These are just my personal preferences, but it might be a place to start for someone who is just building their closet full of running stuff.  (Don’t worry, before you know it the fitness clothes will over take the regular clothes.  But just think, when you go somewhere in running tights, you’ll feel validated because you’re actually wearing them for function, and not just still in your comfy yoga pants you slept in!  At least that’s what I tell myself!!)

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