Giving Thanks!

I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was full of family and delicious food! Harry and I had a great day, although the little man refused to nap.  Even without proper sleep, he was a great little boy and only ended up in time out once!  We are in a “throw everything on the floor” stage, so that’s what usually ends him up in time out.

We have a lot to be thankful for here in our house.  Harry is really moving more on his own.  He’s now initiating steps between obstacles, such as chair to couch or couch to table.  He’s taking about ten steps or under, but the bravery is what is important.  One of the major road blocks we’ve always encountered is his lack of confidence.  This is likely due to the fact that since he didn’t stand, cruise, and so on in order, he never learned how to fall correctly.  If I could explain anything to him it would be hard to choose between “Just try, you won’t get hurt if I’m with you” and “I know it seems impossible, but if you push through, you’ll teach your muscles how to do it”.

So we are full in to the holidays here!  Josh doesn’t let me decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving, so of course I’ve been a slave driver all weekend forcing him to help me get the house ready.  Harry loves the tree and the ornaments, so I put some down low for him to play with.  He waited all of 5 minutes before heading over – on his own!  Progress is good!

This week in running was great.  Unfortunately Kristen and I weren’t able to run together due to the holiday, but my friend Ali and I ran the Born to Run 5 mile in Freehold Borough the day after Thanksgiving.  It was freezing cold, but really nice.  Ali’s family came out – it’s always nice to have a cheering squad!  I need to work on opening my stride a bit more, but we both had a really good time.  Ali is a track star, and despite being on a running hiatus for 2 years, she flew through a 36 minute time!  I surprised myself with 45 minutes.  One of my miles was 8:40!  That’s fast for me!  Although I was cold to start, I had my layers just right.  My next post will be about winter running gear, as a few people have asked me to write one and share what I’ve learned.  Until then, enjoy this amazing picture of festive Harry and the dogs.


One thought on “Giving Thanks!

  1. Happy belated Thanksgiving. I too love Christmas decorating and since we must wait til after Thanksgiving I pulled it all out Thursday night upon our return from dinner 🙂 That’s long enough right?!

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