The Extreme 2014

I am not normally a “Year in Review” kind of girl, unless there is something worth reviewing.  The past two and half years have been mildly life changing, simply because I had my first child.  This year, however, has been completely off the charts. Somewhere in the beginning of the year, things started changing for […]

The Holidays Stole Me!

I’m back! Whew – what a couple of weeks I’ve had.  Between finals, Christmas, family visiting, my head is spinning!  No complaining here though.  We had an amazing time with my sister visiting from NOLA, family in from Georgia, NYC, Cape Cod, Portugal, and Germany, it was amazing to see everyone.  Some family members haven’t […]

(Mama’s) Santa Meltdown

Every mother who dresses their child in a special outfit to go see the mall Santa knows that there’s a certain amount of pressure.  (Especially if you’re a type A personality like me – everything must…be…perfect!!!)  You figure it could go one of two ways: your child could smile like the cherubic angel they are, or […]

Giving Thanks!

I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was full of family and delicious food! Harry and I had a great day, although the little man refused to nap.  Even without proper sleep, he was a great little boy and only ended up in time out once!  We are in a “throw everything on the floor” stage, so that’s […]