Swag Speed

Every weekend seems so incredibly busy!  I’ve just now sat down after a long weekend of working and riding the ambulance, and studying for a big test on Tuesday.  Crazy crazy, and the holidays are roaring in as well!  Thursday Kristen and I had time for a run, and it was a great one.  8 miles around 10 min/mile, which I am stoked about.  We had both gotten our Team Momentum shirts, and I swear they gave me speed!  I love my TM swag!


It was a bit chilly (if I’m wearing layers when I’m running, it’s very cold out), but we survived!  I even got some warm Harry snuggles after the run.


Apparently this is going to be a picture post, so let me talk about the amazing pictures that were taken of my family!  We got some back, and they are absolutely incredible.  I couldn’t be more happy!!  As you probably remember, Harry was a complete jerk for the session, and the fact that she got any pictures where he wasn’t hysterical is absolutely mind blowing.  If you are in the Langhorne, PA area (or close to there as she will travel) I would highly recommend her.  Here’s just one picture.  You can view her blog and some more pictures here.


Stunning, right?  Look at my handsome boys!  Anyway, happy Thanksgiving week!

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