Just Give me a Moment

I’ve been in this whirlwind of work, school, and life.  Somewhere I’ve been trying to squeeze in exercise, and all I’ve had time for really is my long run with my buddy Kristen.  Add in a chest cold (that seems to finally be clearing up) and bitter temperatures, all at the beginning of the holidays and the end stretch of the semester, and you’ve got a crazy me.  I’m tired, I’m irritable, and I’m trying to keep it all together!  It doesn’t help that Harry has been all about Dada.  (great for Dada, sad for Mama who needs some snuggles)

So where’s the pause button?  Harry is so fun right now, and full of stories and funny comments.  I don’t want to miss it!  He says “Oh-KAY” so enthusiastically right now that I can’t help but laugh every time.  He reads me bed time stories, which are hilarious.  He makes funny faces and poses and I just can’t get enough of him.


One more whine and then I promise positivity.   Everyone has been telling me how great Harry looks and how tall he’s standing in pictures.  I always have a hard time digesting things like that.  Part of me wants to say thanks and celebrate with them and part of me doesn’t believe that progress is happening at all.  I also choose the best pictures of Harry and only share those.  I do the same thing for myself!  Sometimes I think that might be changing the view and making it appear better.  The bottom line is really that progress is indeed happening, but it’s slow.  I still have a little boy who can’t get up on his own and has trouble holding his head up.  I also have a boy who is walking on his own with a little help getting started.  It’s all about perspective.

As far as running, Kristen and I did 8ish miles at about a 10 minute pace this Thursday and it was pretty good.  We had some killer hills but survived.  I told her I was thinking of staying at 8 for a while and getting my body used to going a little faster, then bumping up to 10 plus.  She agreed but still wanted to trick me in to running longer without knowing until after.  I am doing the Born to Run 5 mile on the day after Thanksgiving with my pal Ali and I’m really excited!  I got my Team Momentum technical shirt and I am going to wear it proudly.  I hope people ask me about what it’s for!

That’s all for now, folks.  This is one tired Mama who has a long week ahead of her.  If this post seems crazy, I’ll blame it on my frozen, tired brain.

One thought on “Just Give me a Moment

  1. Good for you for fitting it in when you can. You certainly have a lot going on and when the cold weather and winter hit, it just makes everything worse. Yay for getting your shirt. Aren’t they so cool?! You will truly stand out at your race 🙂

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