Things don’t always go smoothly

What is that old saying about the best laid plans…? Sunday we had set up a photo session with an amazing photographer that my friend has used for ages through all of her kids. She wasn’t cheap, and I made it worse by adding a blow out and makeup because I am no good and either. I convinced myself it was all a treat for us because we deserve it, and this lady’s pictures are incredible. So I set everything up, but, of course, things did not go smoothly! Thursday I started to get sick and by Sunday I was a wreck (so I thanked my choice of getting my makeup done so I didn’t look like hell). I pushed through, Josh helped me all day Sunday, and we took our little trip.

After his nap, we drove into PA to a beautiful park and met the photographer who had a student with her. We started on a hill and quickly realized that the grass was too high to drive through, so we moved to a path, then to the dock by the lake. Harry wanted to stay in the grass when we wanted to leave there, he didn’t want to leave the lake when we were changing locations again, you get the drift. My easy going, fun little guy basically cried and whined throughout the entire shoot. I would say that I would be amazed if she got anything at all, but she came from a recommendation that she some how gets the best out of even hysterical children. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. The glimpses I saw from her camera were pretty good!

I did speak to her earlier in the week about my expectations, and I tried to be reasonable. I told her about our last session which was not very good, and I told her about Harry’s muscle disease. During this conversation I found out she was a nurse at CHOP – what a small world! I said that it might sound crazy, but Harry always tucks his chin to counterbalance, and I didn’t want any pictures of that. I also really really wanted a picture of him standing and walking on his own, but of course he down right REFUSED to walk on his own without crying. Ugh!

All that aside, I’m glad we did it and I’m hopeful that we got some good shots. And I took some down time today, so I’m feeling a little better as well. I feel like I gave my cold a great big shove when I did a 10 mile run on Friday, but every time I’m able to do 10 I am glad. My body is still kind of revolting against the distance; after I feel very cold and generally “blah”. This week we are stepping back down to 8 to see if that will help.  One foot in front of the other!


4 thoughts on “Things don’t always go smoothly

  1. Oh boy! What an adventure. I have read a lot of research that shows that running can actually boost your immunity when you have a cold. It also can help break up congestion. Hope you are feeling better soon!

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