Gaining Momentum

I am still riding the high from the Perfect 10, and from all that has happened with our half marathon.  Our Love Run team, Harry’s Heroes, is over twenty people, and we have been officially recognized as a charity team!  This means so much to us.  We get an area for our team where we can put a tent, and a private port-o-potty (hell yes).  They will also donate $25 per volunteer if we get at least ten people to help either on the day before the race at the expo or the day of the race.

Our fundraising is going so well, and people are generally fired up!  We are designing a logo for our team and hope to sell shirts and such to raise even more money.  I have been in constant contact with Team Momentum, and I am so excited to be an ambassador for them.  I am so proud to wear their information, and hopefully stir some people to learn more about muscular diseases.  I’m going to shout everything from the rooftops!  Muscular diseases are not incurable, they’re under funded.  They need their time in the spotlight too.  I still donate money to cancer research, domestic violence organizations, and animal rescues, to name a few, but these MDs need funding as well to help fuel the drive to develop not only a cure but treatments!

So, like I said, the Love Run was great.  It’s encouraging to think “Hey, my body can really do this!”.  My legs cooperated, and more importantly, so did my brain!  No walls hit, it was just generally an awesome run.  I love that.  Well, that was until the finish line. TMI alert….I did have one problem.  About 90 seconds after finishing, I had the emergent need to nearly cut the line to get to the bathroom.  The next few hours were horrific.  Not only was I dehydrated from the run, but the runner’s trots basically dried me out completely.  The only thing I could do was slowly make my way home and lay down on the couch for a couple of hours.  Then I was fine!  Dear God I hope that never happens again.

Here are my adorable signs that my mom, husband, and son made for me.  I saw them randomly at mile 8 when they were crossing the road to get to the finish line – what a wonderful surprise!  Keep on running, my friends!

20141105_091335 20141105_091330

2 thoughts on “Gaining Momentum

  1. Love this post. Are you training through a local office? Or did you get assistance through one of the groups that was training for a race this year (Boston, D.C. Chicago, Dallas)? Just curious. Would love to help if I can. Sorry to hear about your tummy issues. That is the absolute worst and such a frustrating and unexpected thing to have happen. Congrats to your team for their awesome work.

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