Happiness and Walking and Love and Running

Harry is WALKING.  My dreams have come true.  He’s doing it in pieces on his own, but little by little he’s gaining confidence.  Today I had to leave the house with him.  It’s hard to manage him and things in my hand, so I usually sit him on the stoop, gather my extra stuff and lock the door.  After locking the door I go to grab Harry and HE’S NOT THERE.  To the parent of most toddlers, this would not be abnormal.  I shit a small kitten, and then find Harry walking down the driveway.  Amazing.

Right now, we’re riding this high of walking and it’s incredible.  During this, I have found incredible support and love from everyone around us.  I talk to so many people from so many parts of my life every day who are so genuinely into how Harry is doing.  I am floored by how many are cheerleaders for him.

Exercise – both strength training and running – have been really important keys to this process for me, as I’ve talked about before.  Lifting heavy weights and getting through a kick boxing class keep my fire to fight burning, but not at a dangerous level (read: the anger management aspect keep me from killing people).  Running is a weird part of the equation to.  In anything over a mile, you get into this strange pattern of thinking.  It’s on runs both alone and with friends that I’ve figured things out as well as come to terms with other things.  Running is a strange religion, but it’s become important to this process.


Yesterday I ran the Perfect 10 in Harry’s name.  But it was only for Harry in my mind, as there was so charity or anything.  Through that and my buddy Kristen’s brainstorming, the past few days have exploded in a great way.  We started by asking a few friends to run the Love Run in Philly in March, and created a team with the MDA’s Team Momentum so we could fundraise for them, as well as raise awareness by running for the MDA.  Well, what happened in a few days was absolutely incredible.  First, our friends went gung-ho about it and recruited donations, made fundraising suggestions, and just basically became completely on fire about the cause.  THEN more people signed up.  Then more.  And still more.  Currently, I believe we are up to TWENTY runners that are running on our Love Run team for Harry, most of which have never even met him.  Some people chose to even join the MDA team and fundraise for this little man.  I can’t properly wrap my brain around how much love has surrounded us.  I hope – and let this serve as my attempt at a public explanation – that all of these people know that they are literally what gets me through it.  When Harry can’t get out of bed on his own, or I pick up his toys for the thousandth time, or we go to the park and he has to have me help him play…this is what gets us through.  This is what will help us find the strength to find a way.  And all of this will raise awareness and funds for muscle diseases in general, that not only need research for a cure, but for ANY treatment.  I love you all.  More than you will ever, ever know.

2 thoughts on “Happiness and Walking and Love and Running

  1. I am so excited that I found your blog. I am the MDA Team Momentum coach here in Chicago. I have been looking around to find other Team Momentum members and I just fell in love with your blog. Congrats to you and congrats to your little boy walking!

    • Thank you, Sarah! We are working hard for sure (both of us in our own ways). I don’t blog as often as I should, but I will try to keep up better. I’m so happy to be a part of Team Momentum!

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