The world stops for a moment

The perks of a big boy bed: Mom can climb in too.  This week, hubs is away on business so I’ve had a lot of Harry and Mom time.  Every night I’ve been getting in to bed with my little man and reading him a story.  We also roll around a bit, talk to his stuffed animals, and talk about our day to each other.  In these moments (and many others), time just stops.  I’ve felt this way before in my life with the hubby, and both feelings are very different but equally amazing.  It’s like everything in the world stops.  There’s nothing but just him and I.  It’s incredible and I hope each and every one of you gets to feel this same feeling one day with someone, whoever they are.

Today was a good day for the man.  He had his best ever PT session!  He tried really hard, didn’t get too frustrated and give up, and did every single exercise better than he had before.  We needed this!

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