Big changes through small steps

Harry’s journey is sometimes so much like my own personal journey to a fitter me.  My weight loss is slow, my muscle growth is slow, and often I get frustrated when I compare today with yesterday and so on.  However, when I look back to a month ago, or 3 months ago, the change is incredible.  And even better is when people who I haven’t seen in a while tell me how great I look.  Sometimes I get stuck with the same frustration and sadness with Harry.  Often, changes seem so small that I am tricked in to thinking he’s getting worse.  That’s the trouble with whatever he has – it could get worse, and often I feel like I’m looking for that.  His abilities often seem exactly the same as yesterday, but when I look further back into the past, he’s made drastic changes.

One major change we’ve made is Harry has moved into a big boy bed!  I’ve gone in to his room about every night for the past two weeks and dislodged his legs from his crib slats.  He likes to move sideways and is just too tall.  I discussed with Josh and ran by my idea of a safe bed where he was unable to roll out.  Many toddler car beds allow the crib mattress to sit down inside, and I found one I knew he’d love.  After a ride from a friend to pick up the massive box and a couple of hours of intense labor from my poor husband, the bed was crammed in to his room and ready to go!  (The dimensions listed online were wrong, grr)  So now the big man is loving his big bed!  🙂

One thought on “Big changes through small steps

  1. The pics of him in his big boy bed are fabulous. Can’t wait to see it in person. WTG, Josh for your assembly prowess. Great pic, Gloria!

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